About B&C

Blood and Candlelight began as a creative outlet for my writing.  I am intrigued by the allure of darkness as a means to hide the things we do not openly express, the idea that there is a romance with this kind of secrecy.  I think of Blood and Candlelight as a place to express what normally we keep hidden.  It is the place where I allow my mind play.

As I’ve been keeping at it the site has grown with categories.  I’ve even added a guest writer whose contributions have helped inspire me further.  The majority of this site is made up of creative fiction with the exception of one category.

Dark Whispers are short narratives, poems and stories woven of the dark mysteries that niggle the mind.

Diaries & Letters are a mixture of story telling narratives through diary entries and letters meant to appeal to that part of us that is intrigued by the secrets others keep.

Musings are generally my thoughts on relationships.  How they change.  Why they change.  Perhaps, even what we can do on occasion.  But it is also a category where I explore insecurities and other feelings that aren’t always encouraged to be shared.

Series are those stories too long for one post.

I hope you find something here to perk your interest.  Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us at bloodandcandlelight@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading.