She is ~Me.

She is ~Me.If I am the darkness then she is the light.  She shines with a golden heart of such purity rarely contained within a vessel upon this earth.  Her radiance illuminates the abyss into which we sometimes sink.  Her writings stem from her visions therein, and though she may be hesitant to share, it is merely a thin veil of clouds that cannot fully shield the brilliance of the sun.

Though she is good and kind, she is not weak.  Her strength is formidable as is her anger.  She is a blazing fire of wrath to rival the inferno should you wrong any she loves.  And she loves with complete devotion to warm your heart, guarding it against all those who would harm what she cherishes.  Her heart is as radiant as it is delicate.

She is dear to me, and I value her light for without it the darkness would surely swallow me whole.  From time to time I shall include some of her writings to join me in my dark revelings.  She is ~Me, and ~Me is not ~V.

*~Me. is the exclusive author of all installments of the Craving Series.